Christian Faversham

Thank you so much for your kind attention and advice in offering a solution to our ever increasing fight with theft, fraud and transport efficiency. The Ti Prime GPS trackers have certainly been successful in recovering stolen assets. Being able to swap them in between assets is quick and easy.  Recently we supplied two assets which were being delivered to an insecure area in the UK. Those assets were subsequently stolen.  As you know all our current delivery vans within our fleet have your High Definition 8 x Camera CCTV recording onto the 2TB hard drive you suggested. We were able to play back the HD CCTV fitted to the delivery van up to 4 weeks post event. We managed to get some very clear pictures of the fraudsters and the registration numbers from the cameras fitted on both sides of the van. Their accomplices were waiting on the approach to the delivery point and thought they were out of view. The Metropolitan Police have enough evidence to apply to the Courts for search warrants. We are currently updating the Met Police on the whereabouts and movement of the assets. The Police are confident that our current inconvenience is a small piece in a very large jigsaw puzzle, and it’s all thanks to the advice from Trackit247 and our Managing Director’s forward thinking.

Letterbox Distribution

It is rare these days to find a company that goes above and beyond in not only delivering a product that works but an after service that also delivers. I have tracked each one of our distributors with live tracking, as well as having trackers fitted to our fleet. This has both safeguarded our distribution contracts and our vehicles giving us peace of mind that we are able to monitor where are staff are and gives us added protection against theft on the vehicles. When you consider the cost of trying to win business it is a small price to pay to have peace of mind with Trackit247 live tracking, and the time you would spend on an insurance claim with lost vehicles and financial loss worth tracking your vehicles. Keep up the good work.

Structural Soils

The technology has helped Structural Soils track their vehicles and site equipment wherever it is in the UK and has improved visibility of our fleet of vehicles.

Sunny Digital Prints

With the Trackit247 tracking solution for leaflet distribution we were able to win and secure a tender contract with Birmingham City Council. Using live tracking software and devices to ensure that we have evidence of all the letter or flyers delivered to the public properties.

Boyle Group Limited

Sanjay, Harsha & the team @ Trackit247 are always helpful on the phone and always deliver within timescales given. Truly professional company. We use the vehicle trackers and traffic light trackers, the software package on both are brillant – we can track anything, anywhere and at anytime.

CSL Group Services

CSL Group Services couldn’t be happier with the service we receive the Trackit247 support goes out of there way to help us wherever possible, simply a delight to deal with.

Virgin Media

I approached Trackit247 via their Live chat to ask if they may be willing to support a charity ride I was planning from Portsmouth to Glasgow. From our very first interaction the Team at 247 were very approachable, understanding and replied quickly. They very kindly offered to loan us a unit for the duration of our quest. We were given great support allowing us to utilise the online panel and App to suit our needs, both of which we found easy to use, as well as very useful in very accurately tracking our progress. Great for us to engage with our supporters, as well as adding a great level of insight from a safety perspective. The unit we were loaned was a Ti-Prime 300. A very compact unit, and we were very surprised with the battery life. It was going strong (>30%) 9 days after a full charge with 5 minute updates. All said, our journey with Joe and the Team at Trackit247 was faultless every step of the way. We got a level of service which we would expect if we were a premium paying customer- we weren’t we were on a freebie. So I can only guess at what level of service is like for a paying customer. Many Thanks.  Mark and the team at Virgin.

Wayland Farms

Having had a lot of thefts in our area we decided we needed trackers on our fleet of tractors. Having had a good look round the market place we ended up going with Trackit247. They are very competitive and provide a great service nothing is to much trouble. We find the motion sensors that can be activated on the tractors by an App extremely good as you can then park the tractor in a gateway over night and if someone tampers with it you get a text to inform you. That way you have an armed gate without any hassle. Highly recommend this company.

IMS Group

I’ve been impressed with Trackit 247’s range of products which fit our requirements exactly enabling us to give great service and support to our own customers. I have been a customer for over 2 years and never had a cause to complain. Any technical issues we’ve experienced have been addressed straightaway and we have always been made to feel valued. Our partnership with Trackit 247 took our business to another level and we have continued to invest in their innovative products and services.

J&E Haulage

We have purchased a tracker from 24/7, we have had it now for around 8 Months we love it, its simple to use on the app both company directors can access the app from anywhere on their mobile. The monthly fee is also one of the best around, there is always someone to speak to if we have any issues too. We would defiantly recommend it.

Spot On Cleaners

Several years ago we decided we needed trackers on our Fleet vehicles. After much research we found the most flexible, cost efficient and professional service came from Whilst at times they were obviously busy the whole team have always been helpful with any queries we had and sorted out any issues promptly. We are now in the process of upgrading to Fleet tracking and having looked at the alternatives we again chose as the only realistic option. Operationally now provides us with all the data we need and simplifies much of our admin work thus improving on cost-savings versus other alternatives.


IAP work with several clients who demand high levels of security in advance of, during & after our service provision.
Trackit247 have provided us with excellent tracking hardware & software for many years now, enabling us to make the movement of our teams visible to our clients.
Our customers expect those high standards from us, and I am very glad to say the Trackit247 always provide prompt, friendly & professional service to help keep up that standard.
We are happy to recommend Trackit27 to anyone looking for reliable tracking solutions at an excellent price.


As a 24/7 X 365 days per annum Control Centre and Telecare responder looking after the most vulnerable in our society when we launched our Dementia Tracking service we had to be completely satisfied as to the accuracy and reliability of any system we adopted.

This meant that we tested many different providers of GPS devices in the industry and without any doubt we found that the most reliable and most accurate on the market was Trackit 247.

Both Ourselves and our users find the Platform easy to use and accurate and it has pinpointed clients lost on numerous occasions since inception. In addition, the Support services are second to none.

Structural Soils

We have been using Trackit 247 for a couple of years now on Vehicles, trailers and plant. They have provided us with excellent service, features and coverage at a sensible price.

The trackers have enabled the recovery of  two of our trailers after a theft, so, they’ve paid for themselves! I would recommend these units to anyone with a need of tracking their equipment  or vehicles without the need of many of the superfluous features that are offered by some of the other providers.

Tong Engineering

Trackit247 offered us the best value for money package for our particular needs without tying us into a lengthy contract.  The tracking devices are easy to install and have proven to be very reliable.  The customer support we have received has been excellent with the 247 team going over and beyond to ensure we are given the best service.  We would highly recommend Trackit247.

Victor and his Trackit 247 tracker – 18 months on

We, as a family, have had total and utter peace of mind over the last 18 months since Victor received his tracking device.

The device is simple to use and we are always aware of Victor’s whereabouts… at all times…24/7/365!

We can even track him whilst we are all at work… via the mobile app…. brilliant!!!

Even Victor loves his tracker, he now knows how to charge the unit himself and loves doing so and like a well known credit card….HE NEVER LEAVES HOME WITHOUT IT….!!

A great big THANK YOU to the Trackit247 team, your help and advice along our journey has been invaluable!!

Mr J.J, Harrow

Victor’s Story

After speaking to various different companies who were trying to simply sell me their products I came across

What a blessing!!!! Helpful, understanding staff that were not there to make a ‘quick buck’ but actually listen and offered a package that would suit ALL our needs. The unit was simple to use and low cost, with no contracts.

The tracker arrived next day – it was ready to go. Nothing to setup I simply logged onto the website with my user ID and started tracking – SO EASY!

I can now track Victor 24/7 via my mobile as they have iPhone & Android apps. We get alerts if he leaves a ‘SAFE ZONE’ that we have set around his house. I can also use my PC or laptop to log in from anywhere and track him.

We have peace of mind and Victor is also very happy having it!

Mr & Mrs Dawson

We just wanted to express our thanks and gratitude for the reassurance we have when using your trackers for our children. We have been using your company now for 3 years and have found it to be totally reliable when our children have gone on camping trips and residential visits. The products you supply have always worked in the most remote places and have given us complete peace of mind. I would have no problem with recommending Trackit247 to anyone.

Mr J Joshi

Recently, our family had an upsetting situation where my 80 year old father-in-law Victor, who suffers from advanced dementia (Alzheimer’s) left home in the middle of the night and disappeared for 5 hours. After speaking to various different companies who were trying to simply sell me their products rather than listen to my actual needs, I came across a company called What a blessing!!!! Helpful, understanding staff who were not there to make a ‘quick buck’ but actually listen and carefully construct a package that would suit ALL our needs.

Papa Johns

We have been using the Trackit247 devices on our delivery moped and scooters for some time now and have been very happy with how easy the devices are to fit into the scooters. The online tracking software is easy to use – we can monitor where all our delivery vehicles are live, on any screen. We can track the delivery live on route to our customers – also the speed & exact location at all times. They also double up as a security device. The Trackitr247 devices have paid for themselves easily as they have now helped me recover two stolen mopeds and I wouldn’t consider running my business now without Trackit247 onboard.

All Homes

All Homes Leaflet distribution have worked with Trackit247 for the past year in creating a bespoke GPS tracking system for our staff, this has been such a sucess we have created a customer reporting system around the tracking panel, Sanjay and his team have always been extreamly helpfull in helping us create this system for our buissness needs, I would recommend the team to any customer with GPS need’s.


Trackit247 is an incredible company with an incredible product, not only have they been a shining beacon of light within our organisation, but they are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Mark Tyler

Being able to check where my son is and knowing when he is coming back from his scout trips in the National Park has become something I wouldn’t want to be without now.

David Marshall

My daughter is forever going on school trips and now long walks with the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme I feel so much happier being able to check where she is on my phone.

Dennis Security Centre

By investing in Trackit247 tracking devices I know where my staff and equipment are at any given time, allowing me to deploy employees effectively to call outs and emergencies as they arise. We have saved more than the actual cost of the unit by not having to turn work away as we know where the locksmiths are at any given time and by looking in the history we can tell what jobs are completed. We have also found the after sales back-up to be excellent.

MG Drainage

The package offered and prices were good, service and after care very good. There is also no minimum contract period that you have to sign up to. The team at Trackit247 has been very helpful and accommodating to our needs. The trackers are easy to fit, work very well and the navigation on the website to obtain the information is easy to follow. Since having them it has been a big benefit. Wouldn’t be without them now !!

PHD Mechanical

Very soon after our second meeting with Trackit247, it was clear that a deal would be made between PHD Mechanical and Trackit247. It was only left to negotiate to what level. Trackit247 are now our only vehicle tracker supplier taking precedence over existing vehicle tracker contracts.
Trackit247 arranged for PHD Mechanical to take on a small number of units initially on a trial basis, he has been always readily contactable to assist with any queries and assisted with any development issues that PHD Mechanical have requested.
I have nothing but praise to say about the team at Trackit247 and foresee a very happy partnership moving forward in the future.

Your local car

Thanks for the great service you have provided. As an owner of a private hire company and a fleet of vehicles, having these trackers in our vehicles has made such a difference to the business. Not only are we able to track our drivers we are enable to reassure the council we know where all our vehicles are at any one time. They have made us more efficient, enabling the drivers to carry out more jobs because we are able to see there exact location. When I was in the
market for a tracking system I had spent along time researching which company to choose. The fact Trackit247 answered the phone set them apart from most of the competitors. I found that they new all about the product they were selling and were able to answer any questions I had.