Amy’s Advice: Commands Feature – June 2021

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Hello, All! My name is Amy, and welcome to Amy’s Advice.

Once a month, you can join me right here for tips and tricks to help you make the most of your tracking experience with us. This month’s recommendation is that you check out how to use the Commands feature on your account.

This feature comes in very handy if you wish to change how often your tracker reports in to the system, if you need to reboot your tracker, or if you need to remotely immobilise your vehicle.

You may want to change the tracking frequency of your tracker, depending on your needs. For example, for leaflet distribution you will likely need to set the tracker to report in every 5 seconds, so that the tracker captures enough data to show your distributors going up to each property’s doorstep. For vehicle trackers you may want to set it to report in every 30 seconds (this is the most frequent setting these trackers have) for a detailed journey break-down, or every few minutes to an hour if less detail is needed.

A reboot or a “Locate me Now”/”Request Position” will most often resolve the issue, if you notice that your tracker has not reported in when it should have. We recommend you try doing this before you reach out to us for help, as this is one of the things we will try ourselves to attempt to resolve any issues, so you could save yourself a bit of time!

I will go further into the immobilisation feature and how to use it in July, so watch this space!

See below for some handy video guides, showing you how to use this feature.

Asset (PC/Laptop/Tablet)

Fleet (PC/Laptop/Tablet)

Leaflet (PC/Laptop/Tablet)

Mobile App