Amy’s Advice: February 2022 – How to Run Reports (Fleet Platform)

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Hello, All! My name is Amy, and welcome to Amy’s Advice.

Once a month, you can join me right here for tips and tricks to help you make the most of your tracking experience with us. This month’s recommendation is that you learn how to run reports on the Fleet Platform.

This handy feature links in quite well with January’s Amy’s Advice – CHECK YOUR TRACKERS, in that these reports can help you to keep a close eye on your trackers and be able to spot whenever something goes a bit awry. They are also very useful for those of you who have a large fleet of vehicles and want to be able to see how often they are being used, how your drivers are performing, and how much each journey is costing your business.

We have a wide range of reports to help you do this, and they can either be generated on-screen, emailed to you, or even scheduled! Making it much simpler for you to generate daily, weekly, monthly etc. reports, for whichever vehicles or drivers you like.*

Please see the handy video guide, below! If this is still unclear however, please do reach out to us and we will be happy to help!


*Please bear in mind that these are only able to be set up via a PC/Laptop/Tablet, not via our mobile app.


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