Amy’s Advice: January 2022 – CHECK YOUR TRACKERS!

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Hello, All! My name is Amy, and welcome to Amy’s Advice.

Once a month, you can join me right here for tips and tricks to help you make the most of your tracking experience with us. This month’s recommendation is that you CHECK YOUR TRACKERS!

Although we try our best to check in on your account and catch up with all of our customers as regularly as we can, we simply cannot see everything, as it happens. Therefore, we always say that our trackers should be self-monitored.

Checking in on your trackers at least once every couple of weeks is strongly recommended. Although we have security features to alert you if something goes awry, technology is never truly infallible, and not everybody has these features set up (if you fear that you do not, please look back at the Amy’s Advice posts for Push Notifications, Fences/Zones, Motion Alerts/Arming and Low Battery Alerts! Simply head to the News section of this website and select, “Amy’s Advice“).

What you need to be checking is that the date and time for both the Last Valid GPS Fix and the Last Comm Time for each of your trackers is up-to-date. There are some handy video guides below, to show you where to look for this on each platform.

On the Asset platform you also have the option of using the “Show DMC”, button to view this information for all of your trackers at once. On the Fleet Platform you have the option of running a report for your whole account, which again will make this process a lot faster. Check out next month’s Amy’s Advice, if you are unsure of how to do this!

If you happen to know that your vehicle/tracker has been used recently, but this date is not up-to-date, try sending a Reboot command to the tracker (see June’s Amy’s Advice). If this does not help, give us a call!


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