Important Notice for All Customers – Mobile App – Push Notifications


Important Notice for All Customers – Mobile App – Push Notifications

Happy New Year from the team at Trackit247! We hope you have all had a lovely break over the festive period.

We want to make everybody aware that, for those of you who have Push Notifications set up via the mobile app (which we strongly recommend you all do!), your push settings will be reset if you do not log into your account on the app at least once every 4 weeks. This means that if you do not log in at least once a month, you will not be able to receive any motion/zone or fence/power/panic alerts via the app, until you set them back up again. You will still receive email alerts (if you have those set up), however these are easily missed for people who receive a lot of emails on a daily basis. 

We thought that now would be a great time to remind you all to regularly log into your tracking accounts to ensure all is working well (see January 2022’s Amy’s Advice post for how), as we know sometimes it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things and come back to reality after the Christmas break!

We are sharing this information with our entire customer base, but please be sure to share this knowledge with anybody else you know who may use our tracking system, so that we can make sure nobody misses any important updates relating to their tracking account!

If you’ve forgotten how to adjust/set your push notification settings, please see below or January 2021’s Amy’s Advice post.