Hello, All! My name is Amy, and welcome to the first instalment of Amy’s Advice.

Once a month, you can join me right here for tips and tricks to help you make the most of your tracking experience with us. This month’s recommendation is that you try setting up Fences/Zones using the mobile app (asset platform users, only. Fleet and leaflet platform users must set these up on the web platform).

Fences/Zones are a great additional security feature, which is available to all of our customers via the mobile app and/or web platform. This feature allows you to set a perimeter around a site, and set alerts to be triggered when your chosen trackers enter or leave the perimeter. Great for use if you are parking your car up in an unsavoury area overnight!

Pairing this tip with January’s Rob’s Recommendation for setting up Push Alerts, you’ll never miss a beat!

Please follow the link below for an easy-to-follow video guide on how to set up Fences/Zones in the Asset Tracking mobile app: