• 1-2 days battery life*
  • Our smallest tracker available
  • Free Belt/Collar Pouch!

*dependent on tracking frequency
**orders received before 3pm

£78.00 Inc. VAT

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The Ti-250 is our smallest tracker to be added to our range. This powerful device provides the same performance as any other tracking device in a micro sized package. It’s a great solution to track pets also with our included collar attachment!

The size and weight of this tracking device makes this ideal for use in any general items such as bags, people, children and pets.

We can put this device on a power saving mode and extend the battery to up to 2 weeks!

It has a magnetic charger to re-charge the device, so it can be simply detached from the belt/collar attachment so you don’t have to go through the hassle of removing the attachment every time to recharge the unit!


  • 1-2 day battery life*
  • On Power Save 1-2 weeks battery life**
  • Weight: 40 grams 
  • Size:  44mm x 43mm x 20mm
        *dependant on usage i.e. frequency of reporting
      **tracking every 4 hours on ‘Eco Mode’