Thank you so much for your kind attention and advice in offering a solution to our ever increasing fight with theft, fraud and transport efficiency. The Ti Prime GPS trackers have certainly been successful in recovering stolen assets. Being able to swap them in between assets is quick and easy.  Recently we supplied two assets which were being delivered to an insecure area in the UK. Those assets were subsequently stolen.  As you know all our current delivery vans within our fleet have your High Definition 8 x Camera CCTV recording onto the 2TB hard drive you suggested. We were able to play back the HD CCTV fitted to the delivery van up to 4 weeks post event. We managed to get some very clear pictures of the fraudsters and the registration numbers from the cameras fitted on both sides of the van. Their accomplices were waiting on the approach to the delivery point and thought they were out of view. The Metropolitan Police have enough evidence to apply to the Courts for search warrants. We are currently updating the Met Police on the whereabouts and movement of the assets. The Police are confident that our current inconvenience is a small piece in a very large jigsaw puzzle, and it’s all thanks to the advice from Trackit247 and our Managing Director’s forward thinking.