I approached Trackit247 via their Live chat to ask if they may be willing to support a charity ride I was planning from Portsmouth to Glasgow. From our very first interaction the Team at 247 were very approachable, understanding and replied quickly. They very kindly offered to loan us a unit for the duration of our quest. We were given great support allowing us to utilise the online panel and App to suit our needs, both of which we found easy to use, as well as very useful in very accurately tracking our progress. Great for us to engage with our supporters, as well as adding a great level of insight from a safety perspective. The unit we were loaned was a Ti-Prime 300. A very compact unit, and we were very surprised with the battery life. It was going strong (>30%) 9 days after a full charge with 5 minute updates. All said, our journey with Joe and the Team at Trackit247 was faultless every step of the way. We got a level of service which we would expect if we were a premium paying customer- we weren’t we were on a freebie. So I can only guess at what level of service is like for a paying customer. Many Thanks.  Mark and the team at Virgin.