How It Works

Trackit247 provides innovative, real-time, low cost, live GPS tracking solutions for commercial organisations; and custom made solutions to security services around the world.

The Trackit247 devices are small, powerful, live GPS tracking units which can track anything: VEHICLES, PEOPLE & ASSETS. All this, with no contracts.


Trackit247 devices work straight out of the box. They are simple, functional & affordable. Simply switch on or wire up your tracker, log in on your computer or mobile phone, and you can track your device immediately.

We give you complete freedom with our unique Pay As You Track program. With low monthly costs for unlimited tracking, we are convinced you will find our devices will meet your expectations. You will find below, some information on what makes our control panel very simple to use, while still providing you with lots of information and control over your tracking devices.


In today’s competitive business world you need to be able to monitor, review and report on many parts of the business and its expenses. With our history records which are stored on our servers, you can check your mileage for any date from the last 12 months, to help you complete company and staff expense documents. The history reports are also very useful to reference against any speeding penalty fees, as you can check against your history records to see the location and speed of the vehicle as it was reporting. You can also download the data to an excel spread sheet for you to review, store or send to a customer or staff member. Review the history of your trackers from the history tab of our control panel.



The Routing feature has been added to help you to calculate the quickest journey between trackers, or to a post code or location that you wish to travel to.

To enable the routing feature, simply press the Routing option at the top of the new control panel and select the tracker (or enter the location) you wish to route from. Then enter the tracker or custom location you wish to route to. As soon as you press the route button, it will calculate the quickest route between the two chosen points, and display it on the right side of the control panel.


Show traffic –  This feature allows you, with the click of a button, to see live traffic information around any of your tracker locations.

Red – Severe traffic.
Yellow – Moderate traffic.
Green – Normal traffic.

This feature is ideal for someone working in an office environment, who wishes to alert a colleague of any potential problems, or reroute someone if there is a traffic incident.


Our control panel allows quick and easy setup of unlimited circular/polygon geo fence zones, which are able to alert up to 3 contacts via email/SMS if any tracker leaves or enters the Geo Fence Zones. Those who have the app installed can also set up push alerts.


The settings menu allows you to quickly amend the tracker UID, icon, and colour. You can also edit your contact details to allow you to receive panic, motion, and zone alerts. This menu also allows you to control the battery level settings, for low battery warning alerts.



Our personal tracking units have a panic button, which is located on the front of the device. When the person who is carrying the device presses the panic button, the panic alarm is then activated. The GPS tracking device will immediately inform both the tracking panel and any mobile phones which have been nominated to receive notifications from the control panel. Our unique system then sends out the location and map view via SMS or email, directly to the contacts. The control panel will also give an audible and visual alert and show the tracking device’s exact location.


Our GPS tracking devices have motion sensors. You can ‘Arm’ your device via the control panel. This will alert you via an SMS, email or push notification message & an audio-visual warning on the control panel when the device is moved. Great feature if you are protecting assets that should not be moved.


Our Trackit247 GPS tracking devices contain rechargeable Lithium batteries, allowing you anywhere from a few hours to 2 months between charges. The endurance of the tracker battery depends on what intervals you set your device to send its location data at. Most of the models also have the New Eco mode, which allows the tracker’s battery to last from 2 months to 18 months, depending on the device and settings used.


With all our GPS tracking devices, you can track live via your mobile phone or tablet (as long as you can connect to the internet). The new control panel will now allow you to use the full functionality of the panel from the iPad, and any tablets that have a large enough screen to support the panel. To use an Android phone or iPhone, you will still be required to use our free-to-download apps.

This feature is included in the monthly tracking fees, at no extra cost!

The Trackit247 control panel features include:

LIVE GPS TRACKING, down to 5sec reporting (depending on model and fair usage policy).

Easy to Use, Implement and Operate.

Web-based Control Panel. Connect from anywhere, via pc or any mobile device.

Flexible – Suits all requirements.

Advanced features such as Motion Alerts, Safety Zones etc.

Tracking Devices.

  • Ti-920

    • 2-3 hour internal backup battery*
    • Slimline & discrete design
    • Immobilisation option available

    *dependent on tracking frequency
    **orders received before 3pm

    £78.00 Inc. VAT Select options
  • Ti-204

    • 1 day internal backup battery*
    • Immobilisation option available
    • IP67 Rated Case

    *dependent on tracking frequency
    **orders received before 3pm

    £120.00 Inc. VAT Select options

So now what do you need to do?

We like to keep things simple! There are NO Contracts. Simply…

1. Select your tracking device for your requirement

2. Select any accessories

3. Select 1 of 2 Tracking Options

Option 1

Set up a standing order or direct debit payment, due on the 1st of each month.

Option 2

Prepaid tracking

3 months tracking

6 months tracking

12 months tracking

Both the options include Unlimited Tracking*

30 SMS Credits a month**

Payment Options

*fair usage policy

**extra sms credits can be purchased

If you have any questions or want to discuss how any of trackit247’s GPS trackers can benefit you, CALL our team on 01923 608647