Car Tracking

Live GPS Car Tracking for Personal and Company Vehicles

Trackit247 provides innovative, real-time, low-cost, live GPS car tracking solutions for commercial organisations and domestic customers; with NO CONTRACTS.

Want the peace of mind of knowing where your car is?

A large percentage of our individual Trackit247 customers have a GPS car tracker for peace of mind for their company car or family vehicles.

GPS car tracking devices can also be used for business purposes, like tracking your sales team or technical staff. When they are visiting clients or customers you will be able to track their location live, helping you provide customers with a more accurate ETA and a better customer service. Our car tracking solutions are commonly used to allow the quick calculation of mileage, for expenses.

Some of our GPS trackers are easy to install yourself, but we also provide a low-cost, nationwide installation service.

The main benefits of car tracking solutions, with the Trackit247 control panel:


Simple history screen allows you to review and download information for up to 12 months.


The Geo fence feature allows you to add any number of zones, and up to 3 contacts to be alerted when the trackers enter or leave a zoned area.


At any point you can see where your vehicles are, LIVE – allowing you to react more quickly and efficiently.


Provides you with peace of mind- your vehicle will have some extra protection against theft, which may even reduce your insurance costs!


The trackers can be wired to allow you to disable the vehicle, with the click of a button from our mobile app or online platform.

GPS Car Tracking Devices

So now what do you need to do?

We like to keep things simple! There are NO CONTRACTS. Simply…

1. Select the tracking device that fits your requirements

2. Select any accessories

3. Select 1 of 2 Tracking Options

Option 1

Setup a standing order payment, due on the 1st of each month.

Option 2

Prepaid tracking

3 months tracking

6 months tracking

12 months tracking

Both options include Unlimited Tracking*

30 SMS Credits a month**

Payment Options

*fair usage policy

**extra sms credits can be purchased

If you have any questions or want to discuss how a car GPS tracker can benefit you, please CALL our team on 01923 608647