Telecare Tracking

For the individual patient, relatives or care organisations and providers.

Trackit247 provides innovative real time low cost GPS tracking solutions for Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other cognitive disorders with no contracts.

Concerned about the whereabouts of a family member or an individual in your care ?

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We supply telecare tracking devices and have a number of customers families that benefit from the various Trackit247 tracking solutions. With our telecare GPS trackers our customers are able to track live and have two way voice communication with their love ones giving everyone involved the peace of mind. This allows the individual to keep their independence for as long as possible.

The uses for our telecare GPS trackers are numerous and we have a number of individuals and families using the tracking devices to monitor their relatives and friends through the Trackit247 control panel. We have seen a growing need for people suffering from illnesses such as alzheimer’s to be reassured by using a tracking device.



You can quickly change the frequency that the tracker is reporting from the commands menu between 5 seconds and 1 hour.


The Geo fence feature allows you to add any number of zones and up to 3 contacts to be alerted when entering or leaving a zoned area.


The panic button on our personal trackers makes them perfect to notify someone if there is an issue.


The low battery warning notifies staff to give them plenty of warning to charge the battery.


Keep a closer eye on your family members or people that may be more vulnerable.

Telecare Tracking Devices

So now what do you need to do?

We like to keep things simple! There are NO Contracts Simply…

1. Select your tracking device for your requirement

2. Select any accessories

3. Select 1 of 2 Tracking Options

Option 1

Setup a standing order payment due on the 1st of each month.

Option 2

Prepaid tracking

3 months tracking

6 months tracking

12 months tracking

Both the options include Unlimited Tracking*

30 SMS Credits a month**

Payment Options

*fair usage policy

**extra sms credits can be purchased

Trackers are not suitable for all and the use of such products must be decided on with great care. Compliance is a major concern as with those in the later stages of Alzheimer’s. You cannot guarantee the device will be worn or not lost or hidden at an inopportune moment.  But for those in an earlier stage of a cognitive disease it appears the interest in having a simple cost effect and easy to use tracker was potentially of great benefit. Both to the individual and their carers or family members.

When considering use of tracking devices, or any other GPS/GSM unit, you should realise the limitations and capabilities of its operation. For use outside.

If you have any questions or want to discuss how a telecare GPS tracker can benefit you CALL our team on 01923 608647