Fleet Tracking

Trackit247 provides innovative real time low cost live GPS tracking solutions to allow you to monitor your fleet of vehicles and driver behaviour.

The Trackit247 fleet tracking control panel has been designed to give you all the information you need to manage your fleet of vehicles effectively.


Using our innovative web based control panel which has been specifically designed for ease of use. You can quickly check date, time, address, mileage, speed, start/stop, driver behaviour and view the history for up to 12 months.

Our nationwide network of installation engineers can arrange a suitable time and date to install your tracking devices. Trackit247 believe that our experience, intuitive control panel and competitively priced service will exceed your expectations.

View of our Fleet Tracking Control Panel

Geo Fence Zones

Our control panel allows for quick and easy setup of unlimited circular/polygon Geo Fence Zones which can be setup to email contacts if any tracker leaves or enters the Geo Fence Zones. These zones once created can be quickly edited or deleted and can be set to only function between certain hours of the day.


Our control panel gives you the ability to create the quickest route from your tracker to any post code and also will display the closest device from the selected location which means your business can very quickly react to any urgent requests as they arise.


Show traffic allows with a click of a button to see live traffic information on any of the main roads.

Red – Severe traffic
Yellow – Moderate traffic
Green – Normal traffic

This feature is ideal for someone working in an office environment that monitors the trackers and can alert a colleague of any potential problems or reroute someone if there is a traffic incident.


With a simple click when viewing your journey history you can compare the route to the best route TOMTOM is able to calculate. This will compare the actual route against the best suggested route to show where your business can save time and fuel and allow you to educate your fleet of drivers if required.


Our live visual report screen gives you an overall snapshot of all of the vehicle information and driver behaviour for the last 30 days all on one screen. This includes speed breakdown and alerts, on site details, activity log, transit time, mileage and more.


The fleet efficiency feature allows you to quickly compare a selection of drivers driving behaviour in a clear and easy format that can be printed or saved to file. This shows you a score on Idle Times, Speeding, Acceleration, Braking and Cornering and allows you to see best /worse offenders and decline and improvements in driver behaviour over the selected time period.


A large number of reports allow you to very quickly analyse your fleet of vehicles and see detailed statistics on driving behaviour over the selected time period. The reports can be emailed to someone, generated on screen or even scheduled so you don’t have to manually run the reports if required on a regular basis.


The share trackers feature allows you to select a number of tracking devices from your account and create a link which you can then send to a customer or work colleague so they are able to view the vehicles but not edit or change any settings or be able to access any of the reporting. Once created the share can be quickly edited or updated so you can easily manage these shares.


With our GPS fleet control panel you can track live via your mobile phone or tablet as long as you can connect to the internet. The new control panel will now allow you to use the full functionality of the panel from the iPad and any tablets that have a large enough screen to support the panel. To use an Android phone or iPhone you will still require to use our free to download apps.

You can track from your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android smart phone and any other internet capable device. This feature is included with our tracking solution at no extra cost!



Unlimited tracking every 30 seconds


Easy to Use, Implement and Operate


Web based Control Panel connect from anywhere via pc or any mobile device


A large number of reports available to give you the exact information you need


Extra features such as Safety Zones, Live Traffic, Routing and more

So now what do you need to do?

We like to keep things simple! There are NO Contracts Simply…

1. Confirm the number of vehicles to be tracked

2. Arrange installation (Nationwide fitting service available)

3. Select 1 of 2 Tracking Options

Option 1

Purchase the trackers

Setup a direct debit payment due on the 1st of each month.

Option 2

Flexible Contract Terms

No upfront payment for the trackers

12-48 month contract term

Call to discuss requirements

Both Options Include:

Quantity discounts

Unlimited 30 second tracking

European tracking

If you have any questions or want to discuss how our Fleet Tracking can benefit you CALL our team on 01923 608647