Battery GPS tracking

Live GPS Non-Wired Tracking

There are situations where a battery gps tracking device will be required for an asset which is without a battery or power source, e.g. trailers, plant machinery attachments etc. We have a range of battery-operated GPS trackers which can be used to monitor assets such as these, with battery life ranging from between 2 weeks to several years, to fit your requirements.

Our range varies from live battery GPS trackers which report in every 30 seconds, to long-life trackers which report in 2-4 times a day, offering an over 12 month battery life. Some of these products are magnetic, whereas others can be bolted onto the asset.

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Our Platform

Our easy-to-use tracking platform offers our customers an intuitive way to monitor their trackers, and also change tracking frequencies, if needed. You will be alerted via email/push notification/SMS of any important alerts, such as motion*, geo-fence/zone breaches, and battery level. The battery level alerts are customisable, and will be triggered once the battery level drops below your set threshold, e.g. 20%.

*Motion alerts available only on live trackers (Coverts).

Magnetic Case

Ti-320mg LTE (with Magnetic Box)

The Ti-Prime 320MG is the LTE variant of the Ti-Prime 310MG tracker; great for use in countries without 2G coverage. It is a high-performance, small and powerful GPS tracking device with Global LTE Cat M1 with 2G fall-back, using a unique antenna solution. Its inbuilt motion sensor means that when the unit is stationary it will go to “sleep”, conserving battery. The Ti-Prime 320MG comes with an internal memory, so if the GPRS signal is lost, it will record the positions and upload these when the tracker reconnects to the GPRS network.

This unit also has an SOS/Panic button on the front of the unit, which is able to send an email, SMS or push notification to up to 3 contacts; perfect for leaflet distribution, along with other personal tracking applications. 

Please see below for more information.

Ti-320MG LTE
Ti-505 Tracker Top

Ti-505 Long-Life Asset Tracker

The Ti-505 is our IPX7 rated, long-life GPS Tracking Solution! Rapid installation & infrequent reporting for long-lasting tracking. Suited for plant & machinery, trailers, caravans, classic cars & many more non-powered assets. This device has replaceable batteries, available from Trackit247 for £20 inc VAT. Easy to install – simply bolt or stick on.

Please see below for more information.


Ti-501 Long-Life Rechargeable Asset Tracker

The Ti-501 is our IP67 rated, long-life GPS Tracking Solution! Rapid installation & infrequent reporting for long-lasting tracking. Suited for plant & machinery, trailers, caravans, classic cars & many more non-powered assets! This device has Qi wireless charging battery.

The battery lasts up to 12 months*, dependent on which tracking option you use. Please see below for more information!

*Can vary depending on usage.

Tg-7 & TG-9 Side by Side

Ti-TG7 / Ti-TG9 Ultra Long-Life Asset Tracker

The TG7 and TG9 trackers are our most sophisticated & robust long-life, non-wired trackers. They can withstand more extreme weather and temperature conditions; with the highest water and dust-proof rating (IP69K), they can even endure a pressure or steam wash!

These devices track via GPS, GSM and LBS (Location by SIM- better known as triangulation). They also have a RF (radio frequency) transmitter which you can activate via our platform to help you pinpoint the location of the asset. Additionally, they have the ability to provide more advanced readings such as temperature, light & motion sensors and tilt and shock detection.

They can be set to report in 1-2 times a day, to conserve the most battery power (batteries last up to 3-5 years*). They can be set to report at more frequent intervals, however this will greatly reduce the battery life, so is not recommended. The batteries are not replaceable, and they cannot be recharged. 

Please see below for more information!

*Can vary depending on tracker model and usage.

Ti-TG7 Ti-TG9


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Sanjay, Harsha & the team @ Trackit247 are always helpful on the phone and always deliver within timescales given. Truly professional company. We use the vehicle trackers and traffic light trackers, the software package on both are brilliant – we can track anything, anywhere and at anytime.

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CSL Group Services couldn’t be happier with the service we receive the Trackit247 support goes out of there way to help us wherever possible, simply a delight to deal with.

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