GPS Fleet Tracking Software

GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Our Advanced but Easy-to-Use GPS Fleet Tracking Platform

Trackit247 devices work straight out of the box. They are simple, functional & affordable. Simply switch on or wire up your tracker, log in on your computer/laptop, tablet or mobile phone, and track your device immediately.

We give you complete freedom. With low monthly costs for unlimited tracking, we are convinced you will find that our devices meet your expectations. You will find some info about our platform and how we’ve kept it very simple to use while still providing you with lots of data and control over your devices, below.

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Making GPS Fleet Tracking Simple

Our innovative, advanced, web-based GPS Fleet Tracking software has been designed for monitoring large fleets of vehicles or assets, whilst remaining easy to use and implement into any business. You can quickly access the same information and security features you can expect from the Asset Panel, as well as the ability to organise vital information such as mileage, idling, starts/stops and driver behaviours into handy reports, which can either be generated on-screen or emailed to you. Need weekly mileage reports for your whole Fleet? Easy! Need monthly individual driver behaviour reports? Simple! Use our scheduling feature to have them emailed to you at custom intervals.

Our nationwide network of installation engineers can arrange a suitable date and time to install your tracking devices, if needed. Trackit247 believe that our experience, intuitive control panel and competitively priced service will exceed your expectations.

Try our GPS Fleet Tracking platform, below!

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Main Features

Fleet Software Journey History

Journey History

View a detailed breakdown of tracking history from the past 12 months. Includes location, date, time, speed, distance and voltage/battery level information.

Fleet Software Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

A large number of reports allow you to very quickly analyse your Fleet of vehicles and see detailed statistics on driving behaviour, vehicle usage, mileage, start/stops, and more.

Fleet Software Driver Behaviour

Driver Behaviour

The Driver Behaviour feature allows you to quickly compare a selection of drivers’ behaviours in a clear and easy format, which can be printed or saved to file. It will show you a score on Idle Times, Speeding, Acceleration, Braking and Cornering. This allows you to see the worst offenders, and the declines or improvements in driver behaviour over the selected time period.

Fleet Software Grouping Feature


Do you have different branches? Different territories? Group trackers together to keep things organised. Trackit247

Fleet Software Fences

Geo-Fence Zones

Quick, easy & unlimited setup of custom geo-fence zones. These can send email/SMS/push alerts to contacts, if any tracker leaves or enters the zone.

Fleet Platform Live Visual Report Feature

LIVE Visual Report

Our live visual report screen gives you a snapshot of all of the vehicle information and driver behaviour for a tracker from the last 30 days, all on one screen. This includes speed breakdowns and alerts, on-site details, activity logs, transit times, mileages and more.

Fleet Platform Dash Camera Demo

Dash Cam Available

View tracking information and a LIVE STREAM of your Trackit247 dash cam, in our platform. Dash cams from other brands are also available, but cannot be integrated into our platform.

Fleet Platform User Management

User Management

Have full control over your account by creating user accounts for your staff members. You decide their access level, and which trackers/groups they are able to see.

Speak to Us Today About How We Can Help Your Business

At Trackit247 we have a dedicated and knowledgeable team, who are always happy to help with any queries you may have. Reach out to us today with your requirements, and get started on your tracking journey!

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Additional Features

Journey Costs Feature

Journey Costs

Want to know how much journeys are costing you? With our journey costs report we can show you all the information you want to know.

Live Traffic Information

LIVE Traffic

View LIVE traffic information on all major roads, with just one click.
GREEN – Clear traffic
YELLOW – Slow traffic
RED – Heavy traffic

Bespoke GPS Tracking Solutions

Share Access

Create a custom link to allow someone to view a number of your trackers LIVE, without having to create them an account or give them access to your other fleet information. 

Compare Routes Feature

Compare Routes

With a simple click, when viewing your journey history, you can compare the route to the best route TOMTOM is able to calculate. This will show where your business is able to save time and fuel, and allow you to educate your fleet of drivers if required.

Remote Immobilisation


Worried that your vehicle is in danger of theft? Disable your vehicle’s starter motor or fuel pump, at the touch of a button!

Render your vehicle unusable to others.

Routing Feature


View the quickest route from your tracker to any post code, or any other tracker in your account. You can also view the closest device from your selected location.

Mobile App Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Be notified of important alerts immediately, via push notification. Saves time and allows you to react quickly to situations which need your attention.

Battery Alerts Feature

Battery Alerts

Worried that your tracker is going to run out of battery? Need to keep an eye on your vehicles’ battery voltage levels?* With our battery alerts, you will be notified if the tracker battery level or vehicle voltage level* drops below your custom threshold, e.g. 20% or 10v (10,000mv).

*Available for wired trackers, only.

Trackit247 Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Away from your computer? That’s no problem, with our free mobile app! Available on IOS and Android. Trackit247

Sending Remote Commands

Send Commands

Send commands to your tracker to have control over the situation; no matter where you are! Commands include rebooting the tracker, changing the tracking frequency, and immobilising the vehicle.

Reminders Feature


Schedule reminders for important dates and vehicle milestones, e.g. MOTs and services. Trackit247Trackit247

Tracker Search Feature

Tracker Search

Draw an area on the map, to search for any trackers which passed through that area within your selected date range. A great tool to use in the unfortunate event of a member of public reporting poor driver behaviour!


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