Efficiency and Transparency for Letterbox Distribution

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One of the top issues that leaflet distribution companies face is being able to accurately and efficiently track the whereabouts of their delivery staff. This is particularly key when reporting to clients and stakeholders about when and where leaflets have been delivered, or confirming whether they were delivered at all.

This isn’t the case for Letterbox Distribution.com, who utilise our Leaflet tracking platform, along with over 180 GPS trackers carried by distribution staff.

We recently sat down with Letterbox Distribution.com’s Director Simon Greatbatch, to chat about how GPS tracking and transparency has changed the business.

What have you found most beneficial?

Simon details four main features of the platform his business has found most beneficial:

Speed and location of distributors – The small GPS devices that distribution staff carry are capable of ‘pinging’ every 5 seconds, allowing the team to note the speed and location of each distributor with great accuracy.

Tracker battery level – Being able to see the battery level of each tracker within the Leaflet Dashboard enables the team to proactively manage devices, ensuring no lost visibility or data.

Google Street View – The Leaflet Platform is directly integrated with Google Maps, which comes in handy for job management and territory mapping – utilising street view and other maps layers to better inform routes.

Reporting Features – Being able to generate reports and export them directly to excel means stakeholders and customers can easily receive data from their jobs – or with a sharing link from the platform, they can access their own reports straight from the platform.

Leaflet Distribution Tracking History

Transparency and tracking

By proving to customers exactly where distributors have been and how many leaflets have been delivered, Letterbox Distribution enables a greater level of information available to customers. “We have won a lot of our work over having the transparency of live tracking” says Simon. “We also get to question the hours our staff put in for, as we can see hours worked and number of active trackers. It would be hard to put an actual figure on this, but over the years I would expect it to be in excess of £5 million.”

The trackers have also come in handy when identifying if any staff are working outside of a designated area, or if any assets are borrowed without permission and are not in the location they should be.

I would question why any company providing services where the clients would benefit from seeing that the job is being done properly would not invest in live tracking. In fact, I would go as far as to say anyone not using live tracking clearly doesn’t want their clients to see what standard of job they are doing. – Simon Greatbatch, Director- Letterbox Distribution.com

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