Case study on Trackit247 GPS tracking


Pod systems have decided to write a case study about Trackit247 and our relationship with them:

Trackit247 Uses Multi-Network SIMs from Podsystem to Provide a Powerful GPS Tracking Solution

Trackit247 is a company that supplies compact, durable live GPS tracking systems suitable for personal, leisure and business use. Their pay-as-you-track, multi-network devices allow tracking of assets, vehicles and people. Designed to start live tracking straight out of the box, Trackit247 provides innovative, real-time GPS tracking systems for personal and asset tracking in commercial organisations, as well as custom made solutions to security services around the world.

Background – GPS Trackers for Business, Security and Leisure

Trackit247 is aimed at businesses or individuals interested in monitoring or tracking valuable assets or people for commercial or personal reasons. The tracking devices can be set up to work almost anywhere in the world, are simple to operate and can be controlled via a user-friendly web-based control panel.

Trackit247 have been supplying business vehicle tracking devices for years and have a number of customers with large vehicle fleets that benefit from the Trackit247 system. Customers are able to track live where their staff and vehicles are, wherever they may be in the world. Other customers use Trackit247 tracking devices to monitor delivery scooters to optimise delivery routes, keep a close eye on expensive plant machinery or track down stolen assets.The company also supplies surveillance and security services worldwide with tracking devices that enable monitoring of any asset or target that the tracking device has been attached to, almost anywhere in the world, via a computer or any mobile device. Tracking devices can be attached with powerful easy to deploy magnetic units or with other, bespoke solutions.

Trackit247 also supply GPS tracking devices to the personal and leisure market. These personal GPS trackers allow customers to track the live location of their staff for example, to monitor leaflet distribution staff, producing reports to their clients quickly and efficiently through the online Trackit247 control panel. Individual customers also use tracking devices to keep a close eye on young family members when away from home and there is a growing need for people suffering from illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or dementia (and their carers) to be reassured by a tracking device in a home health care setting. Applications could also extend to luggage, golf clubs or other valuable leisure items. The tracking devices supplied by Trackit 247 to these diverse market sectors incorporate multi-network SIM cards from Podsystem M2M which send data via the mobile network to a central platform fom which customers can monitor and control their GPS trackers. Multi-network SIM cards roam on several networks in every country and automatically swap networks if the signal is lost. This is essential for the type of “mission-critical” situations in which many of Trackit247′s tracking devices are deployed, as the tracking device is much less likely to lose coverage as it roams, even in rural areas.

The Challenge – The Search for a Reliable Multi-Network M2M SIM for Tracking Devices, with Expert Technical Support

Trackit247 has a diverse client base primarily concerned with the security of assets and people. From law enforcement and security services, to commercial vehicle tracking and fleet management telematics, optimising leaflet distribution routes, or keeping loved ones or valuable possessions safe. The nature of Trackit247’s products means that clients and customers simply do not operate the tracking devices 9-5 in a set location. The tracking devices are portable, they operate 24 hours a day over multiple networks, may be located almost anywhere in the world and can be constantly on the move. Because the nature of the tracking devices is to provide security, either for people or assets, this makes reliable service even more important. The safety of individuals and the security of valuable assets are at stake. Trackit247 need to be sure that, if they need support from Podsystem M2M with any network issues or M2M SIM configuration changes, someone will be there to pick up the phone straightaway and work with them quickly on any issue, from activation or refresh of SIMs, to identification and resolution of any network issues that may arise.

Trackit247 CEO Sanjay Mistry said, “Data connectivity for our M2M tracking devices is what our business is all about. It’s an integral part of the services we provide, so we need to know we can depend on the type of rapid response and specialised support provided by Podsystem M2M to ensure our customers’ devices stay connected. Whenever I need technical support, Podsystem M2M are excellent. They go the extra mile to quickly resolve any issues that come up.”

Outcomes – Resilient GPS Trackers for Real-Time Tracking On-The-Move

For Trackit247, the specialised M2M support provided by Podsystem M2M has proved to be unrivalled in helping to maintain a resilient service and keep their tracking devices connected to mobile networks to provide continuous monitoring. Podsystem M2M provides specialised, wraparound support so that companies like Trackit247 can provide the best possible service to their client base and maintain customer satisfaction and retention in a competitive M2M market sector.

Trackit247 CEO Sanjay Mistry said, “The itinerant nature of the services and products Trackit247 provides means that there are always connectivity challenges to ensure our customers receive a seamless service. Our customers want to know that the tracking devices they use to protect their people and assets are operational 24 hours a day, wherever they may be. There are many multi-network M2M service providers, but Podsystem M2M are the company that provides me with the highly specialised, reliable support I need and this is why I will continue to work with them.”