Device Management Console


Introducing the Device Management Console (DMC)

This is perfect for companies that have a large number of tracking devices and can be setup for any customer that requires this feature.

The DMC was designed to give a very simple and quick way to analyse all of your tracking information in a list format so you can see at a glance if a device is turned off, low on power or just where it is located.


You simply use the link we provide and the same login account and password for your account and are then taken to the DMC display screen. As you can see the screen shows if the device is on, off or charging, shows the unit name, last update date and time, address and much more in a simple to view list format.


From the main DMC page you can use the view button to see a single device in more detail as shown here


If you think that your company would find this different viewing tool useful please get in touch with us and we can provide you further information.