New GPS tracking case


The new GPS tracking case allows you to track any important contents in a tough robust case built to last. The case has a number of features that make it perfect for making sure your contents reach their location safely and securely :

The Case Size
Dimensions (W x D x H)mm External -515 x 415 x 200
Internal -485 x 355 x 186


Live GPS tracking

Up to 3 months battery life

The case can be placed into battery save mode to extend the battery life by more than double

5mm thick tough plastic casing surrounding the internal parts making this very strong and robust

Inductive charging means you can just place the case on our charging mat to charge the unit

Discreet and secure fitted tracking device so not obviously at a glance

Water resistant case to keep your valuables safe

The case comes with two foam pieces which can easily be molded around the shape of your valuables so you can adjust this to your needs

If interested in the new GPS tracking case then please call for more information on 01923 608647