Our new control panel is ready


We have been working on our New Control Panel for many months and are very happy to announce it is now ready !!

The old Silverlight control panel ( Prime Login and GPS login) and current control panel will be redirected to our new version as we are planning to turn the old versions of the control panel off later during the year.

Reasons for the new control panel update:

  • We are moving to a new server to improve performance and reliability of our control panel.
  • Updated software server configuration to allow for flexibility for future improvements to the control panel.
  • To allow us to further improve and add extra features to the control panel as shown below:

Control Panel Information

The new look control panel has a slightly different look but allows us to give you further information with last valid GPS Fix, Last Comm Time and quick stats. Some of the other information like the notes box have been moved within the settings menu but still available.


Alert Log

Allows you to see all the alerts that have been recorded by the control panel on a selected date.


Last Command Log

We have added the low battery level warning box so you can amend the low battery warning level on each tracker and enter your contact details and tick the power alarm to be notified.


With the release of the new control panel we will be also releasing some new videos to help you with the functions available and how to make the most of the control panel.


New Control Panel Videos


The new control panel will go live Friday 17th March so please look out for our new look control panel this weekend.

Thank you for your continued support