*RESOLVED* Possible tracker data outage 14/02/2014


Just an update to let you know the BT issues have now been resolved and to give you a little more details on the problem.

The incident was caused by a major power outage last night at one of BT’s data centres. As the power came back online they suffered a power surge which in turn damaged hardware and also took down their resilient link to the secondary data centre. On investigation the outage didn’t affect all SIM’s just those that were trying to request a location update after the BT outage. SIM’s that were already in session when the incident occurred, remained in session and didn’t request a new location should have been unaffected.  The BT was resolved around lunchtime today but due to the sheer number of devices trying to then connect it has taken hours for the networks to return to normal and now show as would be expected.

We apologise if during this outage you have lost any data collection and if you are still experiencing issues with any of your devices then please get back to us.

Original Post

We’ve just been alerted by British Telecom that all of their global mobile signalling links are currently in failure.  This is all the information we have presently, but it means that no new Location Updates are occurring. This is affecting *all* mobile network traffic that traverses BT’s signalling infrastructure which is a significant amount globally and not localised to one specific provider.

This means that we could experience issues with any of our trackers in motion or frequently contacting the network for updates/locations/reconnects, then some disruption may be experienced.  We are in constant contact with BT because this is a “Severe Outage” in BT terminology.

We unfortunately have no control of any of these things but we will update you as we learn more and will update this news item.  All relevant network staff have been called in and we are hopeful that this issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.