Stolen vehicle tracking


Stolen vehicle tracking

This website has a car crime calculator to see how likely your car is to be stolen. Take the test and maybe think about getting a tracker if you feel your vehicles are at risk or you want the peace of mind knowing your car has some protection against theft.


Click the image above to go to the calculator and see how well your car does in the test.

Trackit247 has a number of different devices that will suit all sorts of vehicles and if unfortunate enough will be invaluable when used for stolen vehicle tracking and hopefully recovery. The more trackers fitted to vehicles will also help in the fight against car crime with more cars being recovered and more thefts being resolved the insurance companies wont need to keep increasing the premiums and the police will be able to start to catch these criminals.

If you are interested in getting a tracking device added to your vehicle then please contact Trackit247 at [email protected] or call us now on 0844 241 3414