Scorpion X-Series Immobiliser

£449.00 inc VAT

Fully reversible
FREE UK Installation
  • Undetectable Immobilisation
  • Engine Start Blocking
  • Discreet

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Car & Van


An instant vehicle immobiliser that disarms via custom pin code.

Protecting your vehicle with ease.

£449 fully fitted including vat & mobile fitting service

Modern thieves can use diagnostic equipment to detect circuit cuts and aftermarket security. The X-Series immobiliser has no cut, so cannot be detected using these techniques. Your immobiliser does not emit any kind of frequency either… making the X-Series invisible and silent to thieves!
Fully reversible
Your X-Series Immobiliser can be removed and reinstalled in a new vehicle without any indication that it was ever there.
The Scorpion X-Series Car Immobiliser is connected directly to your vehicle’s CAN (Controller Area Network).
From there a customised PIN is generated specifically for you. This PIN is a unique private sequence, using buttons on your dash and steering wheel.
This means only those who know the combination are able to start your vehicle.

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