Personal Asset Tracking

Comprehensive Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Protect your valuable assets with advanced GPS tracking devices and an all-in-one, easy-to-use tracking dashboard, allowing you to track and manage your personal items straight from your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

  • No contracts – cancel any time
  • Low device and subscription cost
  • Tracking for all applications
  • Exemplary service by a family-run business


Cars & Vans

Add an extra layer of security to your vehicle with our advanced range of tracking devices – allowing you to set motion alerts, immobilise, view journey history, and access GPS tracking 24/7. We also offer a range of insurance-approved immobilisers.

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three motorbikers on the road

Bikes and Mopeds

Want the peace of mind knowing your pride and joy is exactly where it should be? Our bike tracking solution allows you to track your bike 24 hours a day, set motion alerts, and more – wired and battery-powered trackers available.

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Blackvue Dr900X 2 Channel Dashcam Installed

Dash Cams

Our dash cam options include the EC25 – a high performance front and internal dashcam, offering a wide field of vision, internal night vision & live view compatibility. With full HD 1080p recording at up to 30FPS, the EC25 dashcam will not miss an incident.

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GPS Trailer Tracking

Caravans and Trailers

Whether parked or on the move, protect your caravan or trailer with wired live trackers, or long-life battery-powered options which report less frequently. Our tracking system allows you to monitor your assets closely, using the geo-fence and motion alert features.

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a land rover parked in a field, with hills and forest in the background

Insurance Approved Trackers

Over the last few years, Thatcham-Approved trackers have become essential vehicle security for many companies and individuals alike. We supply a number of third-party insurance-approved trackers. If your insurance provider is requiring you to get a specific tracker, please do get in touch.

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Close up image of a hand placing a small GPS tracking device into a car

Long-Life Trackers

We offer a range of battery powered GPS trackers with options report in every 30 seconds, to long-life trackers which report in 2-4 times a day, offering over 12 months battery life. Some of these products are magnetic, whereas others can be bolted onto or hidden inside the asset.

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Monitor Assets Anywhere, Any Time

Want the peace of mind of knowing where your valuable assets are?

Our GPS asset tracking software is a real-time tracking dashboard that’s easy to use, easy to implement and highly intuitive, including features such as geo-fence zones, motion alerts, routing, and remote immobilisation.

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