10 Things You Never Knew About GPS Trackers


Here are 10 things you may never know about GPS Trackers.

  1. GPS Trackers can be activated from almost anywhere. Even a simple SMS from your phone is enough to activate the trackers.
  2. Trackers send information to you no matter where you are.
  3. Simple installation procedures now make it easy to have a tracker fitted anywhere.
  4. Trackers can prevent theft. Alarms can sound if your vehicle moves outside a designated zone.
  5. Trackers can be used in businesses on the move, set speed limits, learn driving history, maintain logs.
  6. Trackers are not expensive, they come in all shapes and sizes.
  7. Trackers help against false claims, accused of a traffic incident? use the history logs to have proof against false claims.
  8. Reduce your insurance costs, insurance companies love trackers and offer generous discounts to customers.
  9. Trackers can help to identify new routes and save fuel
  10. Track your device in the palm of your hand using the latest mobile applications.