Battery level indicators


Battery level indicators

You can view the battery strength at all times on the control panel and the device updates this information every time a position is updated on the control panel. You will also receive a low battery warning via SMS when the battery is between 20-30%. To learn how to setup the battery warning please see the website user guide.

With this information it is very quick and easy to see if someone is not charging the battery and the device is going to turn off due to the battery level not being maintained. This can also highlight very easily is there is a problem with the fitting of the device if it was hardwired into the battery of the vehicle and the battery is getting low or not charging then it could have become disconnected. If the admin page is set to alert you of a low battery warning this gives you the time to resolve the issue before the unit in not too low to report.

This image shows you the battery level indicators displayed in the top right corner of the control panel screen.