Case Study – Go Traffic Management Boosts Efficiency and Saves Money with our TLS System

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We recently sat down with Go Traffic Management (GTM), a leading traffic management company in the UK, to chat about their experience with our GPS tracking devices and traffic light status (TLS) dashboard.
With this dashboard, GTM gained real-time insights into the location, LED status, and battery voltage levels of their extensive network of over 1,100 temporary traffic lights.

Challenges Faced by GTM

Prior to implementing the live GPS and battery monitoring system, GTM relied on reactive methods to manage their temporary traffic lights. This meant:

  • Difficulty in pinpointing the exact location of traffic lights.
  • Lack of real-time visibility into the operational status (red/green, on/off) of the lights.
  • Having to rely on guesswork to assess battery voltage levels.
  • False alerts from the public, resulting in unnecessary site visits.
  • Increased risk of stolen equipment due to limited tracking capabilities.

Solution and Benefits

Our innovative solution addressed GTM’s challenges by providing:

  • Live GPS Tracking: High-precision GPS trackers allow GTM to locate any traffic light within their network at any given time.
  • Live Traffic Light Status (TLS) Dashboard: The TLS dashboard provides real-time red/green light status updates, eliminating the need for manual checks.
  • Battery Monitoring & Alerts: GTM monitor battery voltage levels and set customized email, push notification, and SMS alerts for low battery situations, enabling proactive maintenance and preventing outages.
  • Reduced Site Visits: By addressing low battery situations before they occurred, GTM significantly reduced unnecessary callouts, saving time and resources.
  • Recovery of Stolen Assets: The tracking capabilities proved invaluable in recovering 10 stolen traffic light units over a 12-month period, representing a cost saving of approximately £40,000.

Impact on GTM

Lee Pilling, General Manager at GTM, highlighted the transformative impact the TLS system has had on their operations:

  • Proactive Approach: The system facilitates a shift from reactive to proactive management, allowing GTM to anticipate and address potential issues before they escalated.
  • Reduced False Alarms: Real-time visibility into traffic light status minimized the number of false “breakdown” callouts, saving time and labour costs.
  • Overall Security: The ability to see the live location of an asset at any given time allows GTM the peace of mind of knowing they are where they should be, as well as enabling rapid response in the event of theft or movement.

Go Traffic Management’s experience serves as a prime example of how advanced monitoring for temporary traffic lights can significantly enhance traffic management operations. By leveraging real-time data and proactive maintenance, companies can achieve substantial cost savings, improve operational efficiency, and ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

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