Diggers LIVE Magazine Feature – May 2022


Trackit247 are happy to say that our Plant Machinery/Equipment Live GPS Trackers have been featured in Diggers LIVE’s more recent publication! Diggers LIVE is a concise, quality and newsworthy resource, produced for the industry to be read by the industry, rather than just the enthusiast.

Diggers LIVE take pride in their work, and they want to hear your views, pick up on stories that matter to you and provide an insight into how others in the industry are keeping up with technology, trends and global situations.

You will find our adverts on pages 29 and 77, detailing types of trackers that we can provide for your business’ needs; whether it be live tracking, or long-life, less frequent tracking for both powered and non-powered vehicles/equipment. You will also find a discount code especially for Diggers LIVE readers (valid until May 2023). Don’t miss out!

Please see below, if you’d like to read the full article!

Diggers LIVE May 2022