Everything You Need To Know About Upcoming DVS and HGV Safety Changes


From 28 October 2024, HGVs over 12 tonnes will be required to have a minimum three-star DVS rating, or must be fitted with a range of safety systems in order to operate in Greater London as part of new safety requirements from TFL.

From checking your certification, ensuring compliance, and finding out which systems are required, read on to find out more.

What is DVS?

DVS, the Direct Vision Standard, measures how much an HGV driver can see directly through their cab windows. This is expressed as a star rating from zero (limited) to five (good) direct vision, indicating the level of risk to vulnerable road users, such as people walking and cycling. If you don’t know your HGV’s star rating, you can check it here.

What is the HGV Safety Permit Scheme?

Introduced in 2019 to reduce collisions, the HGV safety permit scheme requires all HGV operators to apply for and have a safety permit to operate within Greater London, regardless of their HGV’s DVS star rating. Operators are required to have this permit whilst in London, and those who are not currently compliant, or who do not have a permit, face a penalty charge (PCN) of up to £550 (reduced to £275 if paid within 14 days).

What’s Changing?

The most prominent of the changes coming in October is the need to install a Progressive Safe System on HGVs rated below three stars. These changes include:

  • Updating existing guidance on the use of mirrors and mirror-replacement Camera Monitoring Systems (CMS). 
  • The requirement for CMS fitted on vehicles to eliminate any remaining blind spots on the passenger side.
  • Moving Off Information Systems (MOIS) fitted to the front of a vehicle to prevent collisions at the frontal blind spot zone when a vehicle moves off from rest.
  • Audio warnings fitted to all vehicles, including those with left hand drive to ensure all vehicles operating in London have the ability to warn of an intended manoeuvre.

How Can I Ensure My HGVs Are Safe?

If you need to install a PSS on your HGVs, need help with DVS, or are looking for high quality vehicle tracking and camera systems, check out our page on HGV Safety – including:

Vehicle CCTV Systems
Our Vehicle CCTV system is a DVR-based system, which comes in both 4 and 8 channel configurations, to help cover all areas of your vehicle. The range of camera types can monitor vehicles or plant machinery, both internally and externally.

HGV External Vehicle Manoeuvring Speaker
This external vehicle manoeuvring speaker has an IP67 water-resistance rating, voice alerts for left and right turns and reversing, and can be programmed and installed based on your requirements.

Blind-Spot Information System (BSIS)
The BSIS system is designed to prevent accidents occurring with pedestrians or other road users that may be approaching the vehicle from the near side.

Moving Off Information System (MOIS)
The MOIS system is designed to prevent accidents occurring with pedestrians, cyclists and other road users that may be present when the vehicle begins to move off from a stationary position.

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