Forestry Journal Article

We recently had an article posted by the Forestry Journals on the crimes hitting contractors across the country and the solutions available to help secure your site and equipment as well as the recovery of stolen goods. Check it out below and on the latest issue of the ‘Forestry Journal’ under the ‘Buyers Guide’;

‘The NFU in their latest crime report state rural crime is rising at its fastest rate since 2010, with these crime figures increasing by a staggering 13.4% during 2018. Combined with the Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit recording recovery rates for stolen machinery stand at just 22% for the same period, the figures make for uncomfortable reading.

Darren Green at Trackit247 stated “ We at Trackit247 are selling more and more of our trackers to those involved in the forestry sector, and looking at the figures involved, it’s easy to see why. By investing in plant and machinery tracking, recovery time for stolen assets can be quickened and with minimal disruption and cost to the business”

Trackit 247 devices are powerful, live tracking GPS units that utilise a satellite based navigation system to track time and location information of the asset it is installed in. They can also be installed to remotely disable the machine from any PC or mobile phone.

The tracking devices work straight out of the box and are easy to use and easy to implement. Tracking via the web based control panel can be from any pc or mobile device such a tablet or smart phone, allowing plant to be tracked live and view its history and locations from anywhere in the world. Virtual Geo fence zones can be added enabling alerts to be sent when an asset leaves the set zone. Along with the motion alert which is activated when an asset it moved, Trackit247’s devices are an invaluable tool for those involved in forestry activities.

The global trade in stolen agricultural and forestry equipment is recognised as a growing concern, and with this in mind Trackit247 are offering a low cost, easy to use tracking solution.
If you would like a demo please call our office on 01923 608647 to speak to one of our team.’