Live GPS Tracking from your Android device


Live GPS Tracking from your Android devices

Trackit247 are very happy to announce that the NEW Android App is now available to download from the Play store. Please search for Trackit247 in the Play store and download our NEW Android App with new features not previously available on our other mobile device interfaces.

With the new improved Android App you will be able to control your trackers as before but now with the following NEW FEATURES:

Now you can use some of the admin features to amend your tracker name and edit the contact details from your Android device.

Screenshot admin resized

You will now also be able to add circular and polygon zones as you would on your PC/Laptop. Give them a name and add contact details and also decide to receive alerts when entering or leaving a zone all from your Android device.

Screenshot_circular zone resized             Screenshot_polygon zone resized                Screenshot_zone admin resized

The Android App still has all the other features you would need like viewing history, setting motion alerts and sending commands.

For more information on how to use the NEW Android App check our user guide page

Download the NEW App for free and give it a try.