Live GPS tracking for leaflet distribution


Leaflet distribution is fast becoming one of the best and most cost effective ways to advertise a business and is becoming a more competitive market and growing daily.

Does your business use leaflet distribution and you need to know if they are reaching their locations ?

Are you a leaflet distributor and have to produce reports to your customers to show that you have delivered to all of the locations that you said you would ?

Are you looking for GPS tracking for your leaflet distribution?

See how Trackit247 is helping to make sure that this growing business is being supported by accurate live GPS tracking available right down to every 5 second reporting.

Below you can see a leaflet distributor for one of our customers showing an accurate picture of everywhere they have been with tracking of positions every 5 seconds.


With the 5 second reporting you can clearly see every house that was visited and gives you a very accurate picture of your door to door leaflet distribution.


If YOU need a live GPS tracking solution for your business then get in touch for more information and pricing and see how we can help with your leaflet distribution.

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