New mobile phone apps update


We have been listening to all of the comments regarding the mobile apps and we believe we have addressed all of the main points in our latest updates and this week saw the release of our latest versions of the iPhone and Android apps and below you will find the changes and new features included in this version:


Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed bug where app would crash on login
  • Fixed bug where only the text updated and the map icon didn’t
  • Improved load up times
  • Confirmation when arming device


New features implemented include:


Updated History Information now shows the date, time, speed and location on each of the points as show below

Live Traffic Information is now available on the mobile apps by selecting the traffic icon  which will

overlay the traffic onto the google map (Android) or apple maps (iPhone/iPad) as shown in the images below:

Android Phone Traffic Image                                 iPad Phone Traffic Image


Routing to device allows you to route your current location to a selected device. This can be especially useful when looking for your vehicle when parked.

Update follow button

The follow button now has 3 modes:

Follow the tracker     

Follow your device  

Turn follow off         



If you come across any issues or have any questions regarding the new app then please do not hesitate to contact us.