NEW Advanced View Control Panel Update – November 2013


NEW  Control Panel Update – November 2013

Trackit247 continually working with our developers to improve the control panel features and give our customers more options without over complicating our easy to use innovative web based software.

We have just introduced new changes to our web based Control Panel.

You now have 2 – Control panel Views :

CLASSIC VIEW  – which is the current version and the  NEW  ADVANCED VIEW.

( There is a slider button at the bottom left hand corner of the Control Panel – if you do not see it please refresh your browser)

This feature allows you to view your devices in a different mode. The “Advanced View”  gives a summary & status of each device  on the side of your control panel.  This is especially useful if you have a number of trackers in your account.

With a slide of the button you can toggle between “Classic View” and “Advanced View

Features such as ARMING your device are still available for each device.

A very simple and easy feature to use on your TRACKit247 Control Panel.



TRACKIT247 – Advanced  View