NEW for 2014 – New OBD Vehicle Tracker


Now available the OBD vehicle tracker

Just to give you a heads up on new Product for 2014 – We are introducing a New Live GPS OBD Vehicle Tracker that simply clicks into the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) socket of any vehicle that were manufactured after 2004.
It is very simple and easy to install – takes a few minutes ! Simply click it into the OBD socket of the vehicle.

This is now the easiest tracking device we sell to install and can be done in minutes of opening it from the box. The sim card is live and ready to go so plug in, login and start to track your vehicle its as simple as that.


This OBD vehicle tracker with LIVE GPS tracking will inform you if the ignition is ON/OFF and track from 10seconds. As usual with Trackit247 solution,  the tracker will work all over Europe with no extra charge. If the device is removed an audible alarm will sound on the control panel and inform you via SMS /Email . It has a small back up battery inside this small device. Available Now !

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