New Products Launched for November


Introducing the NEW Range of Covert Magnetic Live GPS tracking devices  :

The NEW Ti 58s & NEW Mini Ti-20s

Trackit247 has just launched the NEW range of tough resin case waterproof  magnetic mounted Live GPS tracking Device. Designed to be one of the toughest GPS trackers in the field today !

The New Ti 58s & the New Mini Ti-20s !

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Ti-20s-ii Ti-20s-iii Ti-20s-viNew Mini Ti-20 above

This unit can be quickly and discreetly placed almost anywhere. The strong magnets are embedded into the base of the device with security bolts.

Both the devices have  IP rated charging port & IP rated Push button ON/OFF switch.

The Ti 58s which has a 5800mAH rechargeable battery  can last up to 2 months on live tracking mode and the Mini Ti 20s has a 2000mAH rechargeable battery  can last up to 2 weeks on live tracking mode.

These devices can be used for many covert purposes and are designed to be used in toughest of  environments.

They have the usual great features that we offer   ie. Great battery life, Live tracking down to 10 secs, Motion Alerts, Geofence/ Zones etc , Live tracking from any mobile device AND works all across Europe  no extra charges !!

Please call Trackit247 Tel: 01923 608647 or email: [email protected] for further information