NEW Ti Bolt Tracker


Trackit247 are proud to announce the launch of the NEW Ti-Bolt Live GPS tracker.


Ti Bolt


Trackit247 are pleased to announce our New Low Cost Tough waterproof Magnetic tracker: The Ti Bolt. This New unit is a live GPS Tracker that works on our innovative tracking control panel with the usual features ie. Live Tracking down to 10seconds, Geofence/Safety Zones, Motion Alerts, Battery Save mode to prolong the battery. Great device which can be used on any machinery, plant, equipment, generators and any asset.

Ti Bolt Specification :

  • Dimensions :                                L144mm /W58mm/H45mm     
  • Weight:                                      415g
  • Battery:                                         8800 mAh
  • Approx Tracking Duration:         Up to 2 months Live tracking*
  • Battery Save Mode :                  Up to 8-12 months On battery Save mode average reporting 2-3 time per day

* Depend on frequency of tracking