OBD live GPS tracking


Trackit247 have now launched its OBD live GPS tracking device for probably the most simple tracker on the market today. The unit is simply plug and go straight out of the box. All vehicles after 2004 by law have a OBD port installed and many vehicles before this date also had these installed so they are now widely used for other applications such as GPS tracking.

The best thing with the OBD tracker is anyone can now fit this as you just plug it in and the unit is powered from the port itself so there is no wiring or extra installation of any kind.

With this unit you can track your vehicle down to every 10 seconds and if the OBD tracker is removed from the vehicle you will be alerted to the mobile number that you have configured within the admin page.

The screenshot below shows the control panel with the OBD tracker unit as it appears slightly different to our other trackers showing stationary or moving and also plugged in options: