New Ti-1175 Tracking device


Trackit247 are proud to announce the launch of the Ti-1175 Live GPS tracker.

Ti 1175 1

Trackit247 are pleased to announce our New Live GPS tracker The Ti-1175. This New unit is a live GPS Tracker that works on our innovative tracking control panel with most of the usual features i.e. Live Tracking down to 10seconds, Geo Fence/Safety Zones, history reports. What makes this device different is that it monitors the battery of the device it is attached to so you can monitor the battery of the asset and receive warnings when it reaches a predetermined level. It will also alert you if the device is disconnected from the power supply it is connected to. Its last major feature if installed with a relay by an auto electrician it can be configured to disable a vehicles fuel pump or starter motor from the click of a button from our software.

Ti-1175 Specification:

Dimensions :     L 74mm / W 83mm / H 20mm     

Weight:            82 grams

Battery:              Up to 2 day internal backup battery*

                                                                                                * Depend on frequency of tracking


For any further details please contact our office 01923 608647.