Unlimited email notifications


Unlimited email notifications


Are you using all of your sms credits or want to be able to monitor things more than you find you have sms credits each month and don’t want to purchase extra credits. These days more and more people have devices that allow them to receive emails on their mobile phone or mobile device so if you enter your email address instead of mobile number you can receive our alerts in the form of an email. This means that you will be able to receive unlimited alerts and messages and these will not affect your sms credits in anyway. If the battery alerts or a certain zone you created needs to have sms alerts then remember that you can add the mobile number or email address or both when setting up your admin page or creating a zone so can vary how you are notified.

If you use email notification this also means that you are able to send to multiple addresses without having to worry about sms credits so gives you more freedom and means more people are able to monitor the alerts.

If you have any questions about setting up email addresses to receive your alerts then please contact us.

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