Victor’s story – How Trackit247 are helping the fight against Alzheimers


Helping the fight against Alzheimers – testimonial by Mr J Joshi

Recently, our family had an upsetting situation where my 80 year old father-in-law Victor, who suffers from advanced dementia (Alzheimer’s) left home in the middle of the night and disappeared for 5 hours. When my mother in law noticed he was missing she immediately contacted me. We had police helicopters, sniffer dogs etc all out looking for him. To everyone’s relief he eventually returned home in a taxi (how he did this we’ll never know!) after having walked 10 miles into the centre of London!!

So, we thought as this may occur again, even after we’ve put in various safety precautions, we need to keep a track of him on a constant basis. That is me, my wife and her brother and sister so I started the usual internet searches for tracking devices.

After speaking to various different companies who were trying to simply sell me their products rather than listen to my actual needs, I came across a company called

What a blessing!!!! Helpful, understanding staff who were not there to make a ‘quick buck’ but actually listen and carefully construct a package that would suit ALL our needs.
The unit I went for in the end cost £99 to purchase and along with the running cost is an excellent piece of equipment at a most reasonable price.

The tracker arrived next day – it was ready to go. Nothing to setup I simply logged onto the website with my user ID and it was ready to go.

fight-against-alzheimers Victor seems very happy with his tracker

The helpful staff have set everything up for me so the tracker is fully operational and also shown me how to utilise their most user friendly website where I can make any changes necessary.

I can now track Victor 24/7 via my mobile as they have installed the app. I get texts if he leaves a ‘safe zone’. I can also use my PC or laptop to log in and track him.


If I have any questions or queries I just contact the team who are more than happy to assist me, at any time!

Thank you Trackit247 – brilliant!!

Mr J.Joshi

Harrow, Middlesex