Zones feature upgraded


Trackit247 are happy to announce that the zone feature has again been upgraded to allow you to select the trackers in your account that you want the zone to apply to.

As you can see below when we are creating this zone we are able to let us know when the tracker in Sanjay’s car is leaving this airport zone we have created but if someone else within our account goes through this area this will not trigger an unnecessary alert as Sanjay’s tracker is the only one selected.

Zones new feature

With this extra functionality you may find that you are setting up more zones and using them more which will start to use up your sms credits if using a mobile number. To save you running out of sms credits or having to purchase more you can always use an email address instead of a mobile number. The email alerts sent to you for zones or any other alerts are unlimited so you can receive as many as you want allowing you to create as many zones as you wish and also allowing you to send to multiple people at the same time.

I hope you agree this is another very useful upgrade to our simple to use and user friendly control panel.