Business Vehicle Tracking

Large commercial businesses with a fleet of vehicles and small companies with a few vehicles can all benefit from Live GPS tracking.

Trackit247 provides innovative real time low cost business vehicle tracking solutions for commercial organisations with no contracts.

Need to know where your vehicles are quickly?

We have been supplying business vehicle tracking devices for years and have many customers that have large numbers of vehicles that benefit from the Trackit247 system. With our business vehicle tracking solutions our customers are able to track live where their staff and vehicles are which helps them to provide a much better customer service and run a more efficient business and put them ahead of their competition. Our customers use our trackers to keep a close eye on their business vehicles all controlled from our very easy to use control panel. Our GPS trackers are easy to install yourself but we also provide a low cost nationwide installation service.

The main benefits for a business with company vehicles using the Trackit247 control panel:


Simple history screen allows you to review and download information for up to 12 months.


The Geo fence feature allows you to add any number of zones and up to 3 contacts to be alerted when entering or leaving a zoned area.


At any point you can see where your vehicles are LIVE allowing your business to react quicker and more efficiently.


Can eliminate misuse of company vehicles used for private work and unauthorised personal use.


Our simple settings page allows you to update your contact details and tracker information within seconds.

Business Vehicles Tracking Devices

So now what do you need to do?

We like to keep things simple! There are NO Contracts Simply…

1. Select your tracking device for your requirement

2. Select any accessories

3. Select 1 of 2 Tracking Options

Option 1

Setup a standing order payment due on the 1st of each month.

Option 2

Prepaid tracking

3 months tracking

6 months tracking

12 months tracking

Both the options include Unlimited Tracking*

30 SMS Credits a month**

Payment Options

*fair usage policy

**extra sms credits can be purchased

If you have any questions or want to discuss how a business vehicle GPS tracker can benefit you CALL our team on 01923 608647